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Quick Tutorial - Mounting your Clear Mount Stamps

Hi All,

I thought I'd pop a quick tutorial on my blog about the clear mount stamps and what to do when you first receive them.... It may be something you already know, but hopefully I will have a tip or 2 to help you with your new stamps.

Ok, when you first receive your new clear mount stamp, the most obvious difference is the pack... Its slim! At basically the same size as a dvd case, it makes for easy storage on your shelf or even in a draw! The front cover has a picture of all the stamps enclosed and there's also thumbnail images of the stamps along the spine (like the title would be on an actual dvd case). Whilst Stampin' Up! will continue the wooden block stamps, the new clear mount stamps are proving to be very popular!! I even know some people that have removed old stamps from their wooden blocks - I don't know if I'm that patient and I still like my wooden blocks (especially at big workshops or when my assistants (read -> dear daughters 3.5yo & and daughter 2yo) want to stamp too!

The rubber stamp itself is made of the same high quality rubber and foam as the wood mounted stamps. They are still die-cut and have an optional label to stick onto the stamp. The clear blocks are purchased seperately and come in a range of sizes.

Below is a photo of my "Picture this" (hostess level 1 set in the mini catty) with the labels stuck onto some of the stamps. I'm going to show a couple of tips for attaching your labels to the back of the stamps especially the small ones.

With the small stamps like the "Picture this" set, its handy to attach all the labels to your stamps whilst they are still in their die-cut form. So, all you need to do is peel off the white backing from the stamp.....

Peel off your label from the backing sheet....

Stick it onto your stamp... With the stamp still being in its die-cut form, its easier to line up the label and attach it correctly. The labels are sticky but this will not effect the foam or rubber.

See - nice & easy!

Then, just pop your stamp out of the excess rubber and you are ready to stamp! Well, you have to attach it to your clear block first....

..... Are you wondering how to attach the stamp to the clear block when there's nothing sticky?? Well, I guess it works a little like static electricity and they just hold firmly together with no glue!

You need to ensure both the back of the stamp and the clear are clean.  You can clean them both with a little Stampin' Mist. I've found that the stamp and the block attach best when you press the stamp and the clear block together between your hands firmly for 10sec or there abouts. You can see when all the air bubbles are gone through the clear block and that will mean your stamp is attached and ready to go.

Once you've stamped, you can clean the ink off with your stampin' mist & scrub (best accessory ever!!) and then seperate the stamp and the block. They just peel apart - no mess, no fuss.

You do need to make sure you have the right sized block for the stamp. Its better to have a bigger block than a bigger stamp otherwise your image won't stamp in full.

If you are having issues with the stamp staying on the clear block, you can use some dotto, which is a repositionable adhesive in a dispenser and this will help. Some people say that the small stamps don't stick very well, but I've been ok with mine so far.

Oh and don't forget to put your stamp back into its slim case!! You don't want to lose it!! Its sticks neatly inside the case the same way.

I know it wasn't exactly a quick tutorial afterall, but I hope this helps anyone who is about to embark on the journey with clear mount stamps. If you have any queries, please ask!! Otherwise - Happy Stamping!!

Thanks for looking,

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  1. Another great tip, Thanks Richelle, never thought of that one.....


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