Saturday, 29 May 2010

Yay I won!

Hi Everyone,

You're probably sick of me talking about Unconvention by now but I do have a couple more projects to show you and also to share my happy news that I won a couple of the challenges...

So, without further ado, here's my winning entries:

Michelle's Colour Challenge - I did post a pic of this card the other day but didn't know I'd won... See this previous post for more info.

I received a special mention for this Gift bag challenge set by Caroline Colgan. Caroline provided us with the tutorial to make this gorgeous giftbag with a pocket for the co-ordinating card.

And I won the 3D Project Challenge set by Christine Healey with this entry:

The idea is to then slip 2 cards and envelopes inside the holder to make a gorgeous little gift.... I've made another one of these with the matching cards, but in totally different colours... The only catch is I just can't show you yet as its on its way to someone special.... So check back in a couple of days to see what it looks like.

There were more challenges than I had time to complete over the weekend, but I am determined to try them all so I will post any new creations here for you to see.

Unconvention has given me a major boost of self-confidence... I set one of the challenges which had a great response on ESAD (not so good here on my blog unfortunately), and then completed several other challenges... To win 2 and receive a special mention, makes me realise that my work is probably better than I give myself credit for and that makes me more confident and gave me a silly smile to wear on my face over the past week lol Bubblegum 

I also took part in 1 of 4 scavenger hunts held by ESAD and I won that too... This was a total surprise and considering I had miss 3 on my lap and still managed to flick through our Stampin' Up! Catties to find the answers, I was super stoked to have answered any of the questions.

I still have a couple of Unconvention projects to show you so keep popping back to see them...

And, if you live in the Perth metro area and are interested in making any of these projects or cards, please let me know as I would love to show you and a couple of your friends how!

Thanks for looking,

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